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Sam Sake

Sam Sake is London based, UK distributor of the finest quality sake from Akita Prefecture, Japan.

Sam Sake represents great enthusiasm for sake and the necessary logistics to import, store and deliver it to the customer, in the same excellent condition, as it is served in Japan.
We represent on UK market seven long established and award winning breweries from Akita. – Aramasa – Fukurokuju – Ginrin – Harukasumi – Hideyoshi – Hinomaru- Asamai/m&m

Sam Sake sales to both, trade and private consumers.
We hold regular sake tastings, participate in food and drinks shows, assist in planning bespoke sake tasting events and hiring sake tasting glasses.

About Sake

Sake is a fermented and brewed alcohol beverage produced from rice, water, yeast and kōji fungus. It is the result of a multiple parallel fermentation whereby the kōji fungus converts the starch in the rice into sugars which the yeast then converts into alcohol. It can be drunk over a wide range of temperature from cold to warm, although the temperature at which a sake is recommended to be served depends upon the style and flavour profile of the sake.

Why do we specialise in sake from Akita Prefecture?

Akita is one of the best brewing areas in North West of Japan. It has the fourth highest sake production in the country. The sake itself has pure, soft and sweet character.
The mountainous geography of the prefecture provide a plentiful supply of soft, spring water and very cold winters making for ideal brewing temperatures. The people of Akita are so proud of their sake that they refer to their region as “bishuoukoku ” The Empire of Beautiful Sake.

Refrigerated Transportation and Storage of Sake

Sake, being brewed in the winter, needs to be stored carefully in order to ensure that it does not deteriorate in quality. We ship all of our sake in a refrigerated reefer container, transport it from the port to our warehouse in a refrigerated van and store it in a walk-in refrigerator. It is then delivered in the refrigerated van to the restaurant or shop where we recommend that it is stored in the same manner to ensure that you are able to consume it in the same excellent condition to which it is brewed.

SAM Investment Ltd

Sam Sake is the trading name of SAM Investment Ltd.

SAM Investment Ltd
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