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Berry Brothers & Rudd Sake Tasting

From 12-16.00 Friday 9th of May you will have a great opportunity to taste Hideyoshi Akinota Junmai Ginjo and Osagekko Junmai Nama Genshu in the surroundings of one of the Britain’s oldest wine merchant shop- Berry Brothers & Rud at St James’s.

Akinota Junmai Ginjo is produced by Suzuki Shuzoten, brewery set in 1698 by Matsuemon Suzuki. It is award winning sake produced to the highest specification and to enjoyment of everyday life.
In contrast to traditional brewing method Ossageko represent very modern and unique technologyin vented by M&M company, to preserve everlasting freshens of traditional flavours of Junmai Nama Genshu produced by Asmai Brewery.

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