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Hyper Japan 26-28 July 2013

Dear Sake Lovers and Enthusiasts

Thank you for attending our stand during Imbibe Live 2013!

I hope our sake based cocktails presented by fabulous Alessandro Palumbo (Flesh &Buns ) and Akita Prefecture Sake tasting have opened minds and inspired your taste buds towards further exploration of SAKE!

This weekend 26-28 July @Earls Court, Brompton Hall comes great opportunity to refresh your memory, expand knowledge and experience whole range Japanese sake, represented by 11 sake breweries.
From South to North, East to West of Japan sake differs in style, texture and flavour.
At Hyper Japan, Sake Experience you will have a chance to discover those subtle differences reflecting on regional traditions, climate and ingredients.

During 3 days of Sake Experience, Sam Sake will be proudly presenting a beautiful sake from HIDEYOSHI Jozo(SUZUKI SHUZOTEN LTD)Akita Prefecture,Japan
continuously operating within hands of Suzuki family since 1689.

• Kanshibori Junmai Nama Genshu
• Akinota Junmai Ginjo
• Matsuemon Shipinshu, Daiginjo

After tasting from all 11 breweries you will be asked to nominate your favourite sake and able to purchase it at the Sake Shop.

Please register now and bring your business card with you to gain free entry.

Sake Experience tickets are available @£15.

PLease let us know, if you will be coming.

We will be delighted to share with You, our love and passion for sake !

See you @HYPER JAPAN !!

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