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Swirls & twists for Christmas Season - Lachamte

Since first introduced to UK in 2010, sparkling sake Lachamte by Hideyoshi Brewery, became the most appreciated drink among London sake lovers!
It has been served at Embasy of Japan. Become regular menu feature at Two Michelin stars, Restaurant Sat Bains ( Nothingham). Last year, it filled the The Cube by Electrolux with a fresh air of mounanous Akita.
2013 brought plenty of opportunities to present this sake’s sweet and refreshing taste at tasting in Novikov, during Imbibe Live and Cheese & Wine Festivals.
Vibrant and bubbly character, kept perfect company to those, who visited Hokusai Exposed Exhibition and Floating Bar, set by “first lady” of sake culture in London , sommelier Natsuki Kikuya ( Museum of Sake).

According to our customers this is the best sake to celbrate, as well as to enjoy at the dinner table.
100% of Akita Komachi rice is used to produce this sake, resulting in sweet yet very refreshing flavour and light texture. For the best experience should be served well chilled.

We hope Lachamte will bring the swirls and bubbly twists to your Christmas Season!
Kanpai !
Lachamte is available
Feng Sushi Royal Festival Hall,
Feng Sushi Borough Market,
The House of The Rising Sun,
Yum Yum Ninja ,
Gaon Restaurant,
Roka Charlotte Street,
Roka Canary Wharf,
Sat Bains,
Red Pig Delicatessen,
Japan Centre

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