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Our Sake: Full-bodied

If you prefer your drinks to have depth and to excite your palate with flavour then this is the range of sake for you. All of these sake can be enjoyed in their own right as well as with food.

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  • Hideyoshi Umeshu

    A deep, tangy flavour of plum and marzipan: clean finish with a final note of almond. Simply delicious!

    NOT AVAILABLE / 300ml

  • Ringo Mansaku

    Ringo Mansaku

    Aromas of sweet Japanese apples and a flavour of freshly pressed apple juice

    £48 / 1800ml

  • Ume Mansaku

    Ume Mansaku

    A mellow plum liqueur with plum and apple on the palate.

    Not Available / 500ml

  • Budo Mansaku

    Budō Mansaku

    A deliciously smooth and fruity flavour of Japanese grapes

    £20.00 / 500ml

  • Matsuemon Shippinshu

    An initial sweetness develops into hints of mature, blue cheese.

    £ 65.00 / 720ml

  • Amakarapin


    An intriguing sweet melon flavour which transforms to bitter coffee.

    £12 / 300ml

  • Aramasa "Black label"

    A classic, soft, fruity junmai with elderflower notes.


  • Harukasumi Yamahai Honjōzō

    Harukasumi Yamahai Honjōzō

    A light, easy to drink yamahai full of rice flavours.

    £8.50 / 180ml

  • Fukurokuju Junmai

    A dry, but fresh, junmai with an aroma of pine needles.

    £ 21 / 720ml

  • Kan Shibori

    Sweet creamy cheese aromatics and a hint of mushroom on the palate.

    £18.00 / 500ml

  • Mansaku no Hana Daiginjo

    Mansaku no Hana Daiginjō

    A dry, full-bodied daiginjō with a fresh, clean flavour.

    £48 / 720ml