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Our Sake: Refreshing

Not many sake can be described as “refreshing” which is why we only have one at present. We are hoping to expand this category with the addition of sparkling sake in the future.

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  • Lady Chic

    Koiki na Yatsu “Lady Chic”

    A fruity, refreshing sake with a sweet cocoa butter nose.

    Not Available / 180ml

  • Shiboritate Namazake

    A tongue-tingling freshness combined with earthy mushroom flavours.

    £18.00 / 720ml

  • Sakura Hirahira

    Lightly fizzy sherbert like pink nigori sake with delicate strawberry and yoghurt flavour with a hint of cherry blossom.

    £10 / 300ml

  • Harukasumi Junmai Ginjo "Blue Label"

    The sweet, creamy nose with hints of gooseberry is suggestive of the tart and tangy gooseberry on the palate.

    £28 / 720ml

  • Lachamte


    A sparkling sake with the flavour of strawberries and cream.

    £12 / 280ml