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Our Sake: Smooth

Many of the sake from Akita prefecture are smooth and easy-drinking. Any of these sake make an excellent introduction to the novice sake drinker.

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  • New Namacho


    An excellent, soft honjōzō which is light, fresh and very easy to drink.

    £10 / 300ml

  • Harukasumi Junmai

    A mild, soft, elegant junmai with a crisp finish.

    £22 / 720ml

  • Minato Tsuchizaki

    Minato Tsuchizaki

    A smooth, easy drinking yamahai suitable for drinking chilled or warm.

    £25.00 / 720ml

  • Fukurokuju Daiginjō

    A refined, fragrant daiginjō with rich flavours on the palate.

    £ 100 / 1800ml

  • Manabito Ginjo

    A clean, fresh sake with a silky mouthfeel.

    £ 22 / 720ml

  • Josen Gold Kinpaku

    A food friendly. Versatile golden flakes sake. Perfect gift for any celebrations !

    £25.00 / 720ml

  • Manabito Kimoto

    Manabito Kimoto Junmai Ginjo

    A silky, cocoa butter start develops into rich, full-bodied orange marmalade.

    £14.00 / £30.00 / 300 ml 720ml

  • Flying Pegasus

    A smooth, well-balanced, aged daiginjō with aromas of sweet fino sherry.

    £125.00 / 720ml

  • Mansaku no hana

    Mansaku no Hana Junmai Ginjō

    A smooth, mellow junmai ginjō with a full bouquet.

    £35 / 720ml

  • Aki no ta


    A smooth, fruity ginjō with a crisp richness

    £ 14 / 300ml /720ml