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Flying Pegasus

  • Brewery 蔵: Hideyoshi 秀よし
  • Grade 製造種類: Daiginjō
  • Dry/Sweet 辛口・甘口: medium -dry, smooth
  • Alcohol: 15.8%
  • Size: 720ml
  • Price: £125.00

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Flying Pegasus

Medium-dry, smooth
Serve chilled
Daiginjō 大吟醸
720ml / £125.00

Voted “the Best of the Best “ by 50 best an elegant, smooth, well-balanced blend of 3, 5 and 8 year old daiginjō with exquisite aromas of sweet fino sherry and a hint of the forest after the rain. It has a complexity of intriguing flavours on the palate including burnt toffee and coffee.

Recommended Food

Makes an excellent accompaniment to grilled scallops as well as beef , mushrooms and cheese


Recommended chilled.

Store chilled in a dark place.

Where to Drink and Buy

Roka Charlotte street