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Manabito Kimoto

Manabito Kimoto Junmai Ginjo


  • Brewery 蔵: Hinomaru 日の丸
  • Grade 製造種類: Kimoto Junmai Ginjō
  • Dry/Sweet 辛口・甘口: Medium, smooth
  • Alcohol: 16.5%
  • Size: 300 ml 720ml
  • Price: £14.00 / £30.00

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Manabito Kimoto Junmai Ginjo


Dry, smooth
Serve lightly chilled- room temperature
Kimoto Junmai Ginjō 生もと純米吟醸
300 ml / £14.00 720ml /£30.00

Combining earthines of the traditional Kimoto brewing method with delicacy of Junmai Ginjo, this sake has delightful cocoa butter, cinnamon and orange peel aromatics. On the palate a silky, cocoa butter start develops into rich, full-bodied marmalade. It has well balanced acidity and delightful lengthy finish.

Recommended Food

Suits richly flavoured dishes like seared foie gras, chicken yakitori or beef teriyaki. Pairs well with butter fried foods of fatty cuts of fish and meat. Mature cheddar will also make a good company to this sake, at the end of the dinner.


Recommend serving lightly chilled, allowing it to warm up to room temperature to enjoy the full aromatics and flavours.

Store chilled.


2010 Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition Gold
2009 International Wine Challenge

Where to Buy

Red Pig Delicatessen
Roka Charlotte street
Japan Centre