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  • Brewery 蔵: Asamai Shuzo
  • Grade 製造種類: Junmai Nama genshu
  • Dry/Sweet 辛口・甘口: Medium, refreshing
  • Alcohol: 17.5%
  • Size: 720 ml
  • Price:

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Serve chilled
Junmai Nama Genshu nama genshu


Osagekko means “ Delicious Sake “. It is unpasteurized and undiluted sake, with full aroma and rich flavour of the rice, yet still refreshing. As you open the bottle, sake will start again its fermentation. You will find different character as time passes, just like a wine. Please feel as if you are in the sake brewery in the northern part of Japan. OSAGEKKO produced by a unique production process and system which patented in Japan, keeping sake freshness without heating/adding anything. By replacing oxygen with nitrogen in sake itself, not to ferment and able to keep freshness as long as it could be kept under the good condition.
Osagekko is smooth and powerful on the palate. Develops further with a notes of flowers and wild fruits.

Recommended Food

Well pairs with with full flavoured meat and cheese.


Store in a cool, dark place.
To be served chilled.

Where to Drink and Buy

Berry Bros. & Rudd
Red Pig Delicatessen
Serve and store chilled.