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Sake Breweries from Akita Prefecture

We work closely together with six breweries located in Akita Prefecture who take great pride in producing sake of the highest quality.

The Aramasa Brewery

Aramasa 新政

Aramasa was established in the late Tokugawa period (1852), in the riverside district of central Akita and is one of the most famous sake breweries in Japan having discovered the well-known K6 yeast.

The Fukurokuju Brewery

Fukurokuju 福禄寿

Fukurokuju is one of the oldest breweries in Akita. Established by Watanabe caln in 1688. The spring water at this brewery is unusual for Akita prefecture as it is semi-hard. This gives Fukurokuju sake an elegent mineral notes with a delicate hint of anise.

The Ginrin Brewery

Ginrin 銀鱗

Ginrin was established in 1815 as a company selling products to the ruling feudal clan in Akita. Naba Saburoemon Yusuke was ordered by the leader of the clan, Satake Yoshikazu, to make an experimental sake brewery.

The Harukasumi Brewery

Harukasumi 春霞

Harukasumi was established in 1874. This brewery offers a rich flavour from Rokugo in Akita Prefecture; a community which is famous for its clean, clear water.

The Hideyoshi Brewery

Hideyoshi 秀よし

Established in 1689, Hideyoshi is one of the oldest sake breweries in Akita. The name “Hideyoshi” has two meanings; it is the name of the great Shōgun, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, in the 16th century, and also means “excellence and superiority”.

The Hinomaru Brewery

Hinomaru 日の丸

Mansaku no Hana is named after the Mansaku flower which is the first flower to bloom after the winter. It is produced by Hinomaru Jōzo which was established in 1689.