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Aramasa 新政

Aramasa was established in the late Tokugawa period (1852), in the riverside district of central Akita. The name Aramasa comes from a phrase meaning “a new moral administration” reflecting the fact that Akita was the only prefecture in Japan’s Tōhoku region to support the Meiji Revolution.

Nowadays, Aramasa is one of the most famous sake breweries in Japan. For example, the K6 yeast used in sake making was first identified in 1935, in the Aramasa’s main yeast mash.

As the revolutionary award-winning first producer of Ginjō sake, Aramasa has mastered the art of making clear, delicious sake.

Aramasa brewery is part of the Next Five project – a group of five young brewers working togerther to create their unique in style sake.

We currently stock Aramasa’s Tokubetsu Junmai:/our-sake/tokubetsu.

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