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Ginrin 銀鱗

Ginrin was established in 1815 as a company selling products to the ruling feudal clan in Akita. Naba Saburoemon Yusuke was ordered by the leader of the clan, Satake Yoshikazu, to make an experimental sake brewery. In 1928, under the direction of the first director of the Akita Prefecture Brewing Research Center, Mr Masatsune Hanaoka, they built the first reinforced concrete sake warehouse in the Tōhoku region, which is still in use today.

The name “Ginrin” is taken from an old folk song called “Soran-bushi” which was sung after particularly successful fishing expeditions. Chosen in 1935, in honour of the sake-loving fishermen, as a prayer for happiness and good fishing, the words are akin to “The scales from the fish gleam as the seagulls swirl; the sun shines well on us today as we celebrate.”

We are currently selling Ginrin’s Lady Chic and Minato Tsuchizaki.

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