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Harukasumi 春霞

Harukasumi was established in 1874. This brewery offers a rich flavour from Rokugo in Akita Prefecture; a community which is famous for its clean, clear water. The Rokugo area boasts dozens of natural springs including some of Japan’s recognised selection of the 100 best regarded springs.

Harukasumi, one of the finest examples of sake in this region, is brewed with a smooth flavour that gently spreads over the palate, leaving an aftertaste that has at its heart the clear, clean character of the spring water from which it is made. The no. 9 yeast is used and this is responsible for the uniquely sharp base to the flavour, giving this sake an impression of clarity.

We currently sell Harukasumi’s Junmai and Yamahai Honjōzō.

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