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Hinomaru 日の丸

Mansaku no Hana is named after the Mansaku flower which is the first flower to bloom after the winter. It is produced by Hinomaru Jōzo which was established in 1689. The brewery is nestled amid an agricultural belt long known for producing superior rice.

The brewery produces premium sake in small batches with its traditional method that delivers a full-bodied flavor. They strictly adhere to the philosophy that sake is a delicate liquor, and so most of their premium sake is stored in bottles instead of in large vats to prevent it from oxidizing, losing flavor, and spoiling in quality.

They also strongly believe that a true sake is determined by the brewer’s personal spirit and approach. Hinomaru strives to be a small and uniquely distinct premium sake producer with an unceasing commitment and devotion to the craft of sake production.

We are currently selling Hinomaru’s Mansaku no Hana Junmai Ginjō and Mansaku no Hana Daiginjō.

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